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See Homebrew_Applications for SD layout and applications, etc. See Switchbrew for hbmenu docs.


The latest release is available from the releases page.


Build for the Nintendo Switch with make nx and for the PC with make pc. Running make builds for both systems.

The following pacman packages are required to build for Switch:

  • switch-dev
  • switch-freetype
  • switch-libconfig
  • switch-libjpeg-turbo
  • switch-physfs

The following libraries are required to build for PC:

  • libfreetype
  • libconfig
  • libjpeg-turbo
  • libphysfs

Building for Switch/PC requires zip.

Since C11 threads are used, building for the PC may fail if C11 threads are not available.


  • This uses code based on 3DS new-hbmenu.
  • libjpeg-turbo is used for handling JPEG icons. This library doesn't support lossless JPEG (likewise for official sw which uses libjpeg-turbo).