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IPython magic to reverse a string
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IPython reverser is a magic function for IPython that takes an argument and returns a reversed string as the output. The sole purpose of this package is to show how to publish an IPython extension on PyPI.


IPython reverser can be installed as a standard Python package: either from PyPI:

pip install IPythonReverser

or from git:

git clone
cd ipython-reverser/
python install

This can be imported into an IPython shell session using either: import ipython_reverser or %load_ext ipython_reverser

Although you probably want it to load when IPython loads, in which case, edit your IPython profile file (by default ~/.ipython/profile_default/ and add ipython_reverser to :

c.TerminalIPythonApp.extensions = [

(you may need to create this, and can do so with ipython profile create).


Just pass a string and watch how it magically gets reversed: This can be used as a magic for a single line (line magic):

In [1]: %reverse Hello world
Out[1]: 'dlrow olleH'
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