[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony ClassLoader Component
Latest commit 67ee799 Sep 12, 2016 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.1'
* 3.1:
  [travis/appveyor] Wire simple-phpunit
  [Console] fixed PHP7 Errors are now handled and converted to Exceptions
  Fix #19721
  Fix translation:update command count
  bumped Symfony version to 2.8.12
  updated VERSION for 2.8.11
  updated CHANGELOG for 2.8.11
  bumped Symfony version to 2.7.19
  updated VERSION for 2.7.18
  update CONTRIBUTORS for 2.7.18
  updated CHANGELOG for 2.7.18
  [Security] Optimize RoleHierarchy's buildRoleMap method
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix Incorrect line break in exception message (500 debug page)
  [Security] Added note inside phpdoc.
  Minor cleanups and improvements
  [form] lazy trans `post_max_size_message`.
  [DI] Fix setting synthetic services on ContainerBuilder
  [ClassLoader] Fix ClassCollectionLoader inlining with declare(strict_types=1)