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[DEPRECATED] The ClassLoader component provides tools to autoload your classes and cache their locations for performance.
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.3' into 3.4
* 3.3: (23 commits)
  Tests and fix for issue in array model data in EntityType field with multiple=true
  [Form] Fixed PercentToLocalizedStringTransformer to accept both comma and dot as decimal separator, if possible
  removed useless PHPDoc
  [Form] Fix FormInterface::submit() annotation
  [PHPUnitBridge] don't remove when set to  empty string
  PdoSessionHandler: fix advisory lock for pgsql when session.sid_bits_per_character > 4
  HttpCache does not consider ESI resources in HEAD requests
  Fix translation for "This field was not expected"
  [Routing] Enhance Route(Collection) docblocks
  Added improvement for accuracy in MoneyToLocalizedStringTransformer.
  Removed unused private property
  Use correct verb form in the pull request template
  Use PHP_MAXPATHLEN in Filesystem.
  Added null as explicit return type (?TokenInterface)
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix Routing\DelegatingLoader
  Render all line breaks according to the exception message
  [Form] Fix phpdoc
  [DI] remove confusing code
  [Form] Fixed GroupSequence with "constraints" option
  [Validator] Clarify UUID validator behavior
Latest commit 2141b76 Oct 2, 2017
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Tests Merge branch '3.2' Feb 18, 2017
ClassLoader.php [ClassLoader] Deprecated the component Jan 20, 2017
ClassMapGenerator.php Merge branch '2.8' into 3.3 Sep 15, 2017
MapClassLoader.php Merge branch '2.8' into 3.3 Oct 2, 2017
Psr4ClassLoader.php Updated all the README files Mar 4, 2016

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