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* 3.3: (23 commits)
  Tests and fix for issue in array model data in EntityType field with multiple=true
  [Form] Fixed PercentToLocalizedStringTransformer to accept both comma and dot as decimal separator, if possible
  removed useless PHPDoc
  [Form] Fix FormInterface::submit() annotation
  [PHPUnitBridge] don't remove when set to  empty string
  PdoSessionHandler: fix advisory lock for pgsql when session.sid_bits_per_character > 4
  HttpCache does not consider ESI resources in HEAD requests
  Fix translation for "This field was not expected"
  [Routing] Enhance Route(Collection) docblocks
  Added improvement for accuracy in MoneyToLocalizedStringTransformer.
  Removed unused private property
  Use correct verb form in the pull request template
  Use PHP_MAXPATHLEN in Filesystem.
  Added null as explicit return type (?TokenInterface)
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix Routing\DelegatingLoader
  Render all line breaks according to the exception message
  [Form] Fix phpdoc
  [DI] remove confusing code
  [Form] Fixed GroupSequence with "constraints" option
  [Validator] Clarify UUID validator behavior

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