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The CssSelector component converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions.
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '5.0'
* 5.0:
  [Routing] fix tests
  [DI] minor cleanup
  [Form] group constraints when calling the validator
  Remove wrong @group legacy annotations
  [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping multiple deprecated aliases
  allow button names to start with uppercase letter
  Allow PHP ^7.2.5
  States that the HttpClient provides a Http Async implementation
  [Routing] Fix ContainerLoader and ObjectLoaderTest
  [HttpKernel] Make ErrorListener::onKernelException()'s dispatcher argument explicit
  [HttpKernel] Drop deprecated ExceptionListener
  Removed extra whitespace
  [Security] Fix best encoder not wired using migrate_from
Latest commit 142a0be Nov 21, 2019
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Exception Merge branch '4.4' Aug 14, 2019
Node Add more return types after fixing a typo in my script Aug 23, 2019
Parser [4.4] Add return types on internal|final|private methods (bis) Aug 20, 2019
Tests [CssSelector] Support *:only-of-type pseudo class selector Oct 5, 2019
XPath [CssSelector] Support *:only-of-type pseudo class selector Oct 5, 2019
.gitattributes Add .gitignore to .gitattributes Oct 12, 2019
.gitignore Added missing files .gitignore Jul 21, 2013
CssSelectorConverter.php [CssSelector] [5.0] Add type-hint whenever possible Jul 3, 2019
LICENSE update year in license files Jan 1, 2019
composer.json Merge branch '5.0' Nov 21, 2019
phpunit.xml.dist Bump phpunit XSD version to 5.2 Nov 11, 2018

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