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a gif-capturing Chrome extension
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syncopika this is a bit tricky. I think that the captureTab function takes quit…
…e a bit of time, so that trying to take a snapshot of the screen every x seconds won't work very well. instead, I think intead of using setTimeout like before, it's fine without it. additionally, I set the number of frames to be a multiple of 200 ms; I think that should yield a good enough number of frames to use.
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a gif-capturing Chrome extension. it's fun!

how to use:

After downloading, navigate to chrome://extensions, check the Developer mode box, and then click on 'Load unpacked extension...'. Find where the folder gifCatch_extension/app is and select that directory. Then...

step 1: check the options and adjust settings

These settings are properties you give to a Gif object, created with the gif.js library. Please visit the gif.js docs to learn more about how these settings apply to the gif making process! It may take a bit of experimenting to get the result you want.

Here is what the options page looks like (sorry it's so small!). When you update the settings, a green success message will appear. Currently there is no input validation, so please only enter positive integers!

options page for gifCatch

step 2: click on this extension's icon in the browser (a camera icon) while you're in the tab with the content you want to capture.

A slightly dark layer should cover the viewable area. Pick a point, click, and then drag to create an area that you want to capture. The selected area will become clear as you move your cursor like so (the cursor is not visible here, but should be at the lower right corner of the selected area):

step 2 of gifCatch

step 3: decide whether your selection is ok and wait a few seconds.

After you select an area, a confirm box will show up so you can decide if you want to redo the selection. If ok, the extension icon will turn green to indicate that the frames for the gif are being collected.

The duration in which the icon is green is proportional to how many frames are being collected and the time delay specified between each frame capture. When it's done, the green will go away and in a few seconds (generally), the gif should show up in a new tab for you to save if you're satisfied.

step 3 of gifCatch

wait a little...

step4 of gifCatch

and the result:

result of gifCatch

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