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@st-release st-release released this Mar 2, 2021 · 159 commits to main since this release

This release adds configurable device and folder defaults.

The output format of the /rest/db/browse


  • #5426: Old device removed from introducer isn't removable from other devices
  • #6086: Default Folder uses different config than user-created folders
  • #7257: Rescan All button should be greyed out when all folders are paused.
  • #7263: GUI displays Syncing (100%, 0 B) when syncing byte-sized files
  • #7267: GUI log tailing is broken if closed when scrolled up
  • #7268: Data requests block each other, and some API requests, due to casefs lock contention
  • #7270: Data requests block API requests that also touch the filesystem
  • #7273: Data requests block adding new folder
  • #7280: Stopped folder not synchronizing after a rescan
  • #7284: Do not touch .stignore on saving folder config when ignore patterns have not changed
  • #7287: Tons of "Found x elements with non-unique id #optionsInputX" JavaScript errors when opening Advanced Configuration
  • #7333: Encrypted folder fails to serve files < 1024 bytes
  • #7347: “TypeError: Cannot set property ‘connected’ of undefined” error when removing devices
  • #7354: Error message when external versioning fails is ambiguous
  • #7371: junctionsAsDirs requires Syncthing restart to trigger


  • #944: Handle info labels that are longer than available space
  • #4224: Editable default values for folders, devices
  • #5187: Remove pending folders if remote device no longer announces them
  • #6949: Visual eye sore on Advanced Configuration page.
  • #7340: Change name from "Open Source Continuous File Synchronization" to "Syncthing" in Windows Firewall

Other issues:

  • #7344: Very slow tests due to encryption token generation
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