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A collection of git hooks for use with pre-commit
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A collection of useful Git hooks for use with pre-commit.

Available hooks

  • circleci-config-validate - Test if the CircleCI config file is well formed.
  • forbid-binary - Prevent binary files from being committed.
  • go-fmt - Runs go fmt and asserts no changes are needed.
  • go-test - Runs go test and asserts no tests are failing.
  • go-mod-tidy - Runs go mod tidy and asserts all dependencies have been added.
  • go-generate - Runs go generate aginst the projects go files.
  • shellcheck - Run shellcheck against scripts.
  • shfmt - Run shfmt against scripts.

Configure pre-commit

Create or append to your .pre-commit-config.yaml configuration:

- repo:
  rev: v0.0.16
  - id: circleci-config-validate
  - id: forbid-binary
  - id: go-fmt
  - id: go-test
  - id: go-mod-tidy
  - id: go-generate
  - id: shellcheck
  - id: shfmt


git-hooks is open source software released under the MIT license.

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