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Syscoin 3.0 MN RC5 Release Notes (Take 2)

This is a mandatory update for testnet users. It is not compatible with the current Syscoin Mainnet. Please only install this if you wish to setup and run a Masternode on the Syscoin testnet. Please clear your Syscoin data directory before starting. This is a forking testnet so previous version blockchain will not work.

For more information on how to setup a masternode (currently only for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS users) see this blog post. If you have syscoin cloned with github you can just do a "git pull" in the Syscoin source directory to get the latest code and run and start your masternode.

Please also re-pull the sentinel code, goto your sentinel directory and type "git pull" or if that fails delete it and re-clone sentinel and follow tutorial for setting up sentinel again.

This release is locked to testnet!


  1. Fixed fee structure in masternodes and gracefully degradation when no mn info in consensus code
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Fix to HD wallet loading with encryption
  4. Show coincontrol with alias balances fix

Note that the install path and Syscoin data directory has been renamed to Syscoincore from Syscoin

Please copy the provided syscoin.conf file to your Syscoincore data directory. If you do not do so you will not be connected to our Masternode network