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@sidhujag sidhujag released this Sep 9, 2018 · 1149 commits to master since this release

Syscoin Release Notes

This is a non-mandatory update for existing Syscoin 3 users. It fixes cross platform floating point interest rate fluctuations across platforms.

We ask that anybody handling Syscoin Assets to upgrade to this core version and resync your internal databases to detect any missing payments. Resync can either be done via a reindex or deleting your data directory (saving any conf/wallet files) and synchronizing from an empty data directory.


  1. Use boost's multiprecision library to integrate the interest rate asset calculation in 50-decimal point float variables. This will negate any descrepencies we are seeing across platforms. Osx/win64/linux were tested to work consistently. Removed the buffer included in last build as results are matching exactly. Fixes #271
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