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                      Core Go language bindings for SysDB

  The core Go language bindings for SysDB are a set of packages for the Go
  programming language providing core functionality to interact with SysDB.

What is SysDB?

  “System DataBase” (SysDB) is a multi-backend system management and inventory
  collection service. It stores system and inventory information about
  hardware and software systems. This information is (continuously) collected
  from various configurable backends (inventory services, monitoring services,
  etc.) and stored in a graph-like hierarchy of generic objects. The store may
  be queried through a generic interface independent of the active backends.
  Object names are canonicalized before they are added to the store to ensure
  a consistent view of your infrastructure.

  The central object type is a host, which generally represents a physical or
  virtual machine or any other type of physical resource. Hosts, in turn, may
  reference a list of services which represent any kind of logical resource
  like a software system. Both, hosts and services, may reference a list of
  attributes which represent further information about the respective host or
  service object. For example, attributes may specify static information like
  a host's architecture or the software version. A host may also reference a
  list of metrics which are references to performance data stored about the
  host. SysDB supports querying the respective time-series from a backend's
  data store.

  SysDB is free and open source software, licensed under the 2-clause BSD
  license. See COPYING for details. Changes between all SysDB releases can be
  found in the file ReleaseNotes.


Install the Go bindings

  Installing all of the packages provided by this project is as easy as
  running the following command:

    go get

  This will download and install the packages and all of their dependencies
  into GOPATH. See ‘go help get’ for more details. See below for a list of all
  packages and their descriptions.


  * A SysDB client implementation.

  * Helper functions for using the SysDB front-end
    protocol. That's the protocol used for communication between a client and
    a SysDB server instance.

  * Core constants and types used by SysDB


  The documentation for all Go packages is included with the source code in a
  way compatible with the godoc tool. As such, it can be viewed and browsed
  online at <>.

Getting Help

  Various channels for asynchronous and real-time communication with
  developers and users are available. See <> for
  details about the mailing list, IRC channel, and social media.


  Sebastian “tokkee” Harl <>

  Want to contribute? Check out the website <> for details.


Core Go language bindings for SysDB







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