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OpenStack Heat examples

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What is "Heat"?

Heat is a service to orchestrate multiple composite cloud applications using templates.
Each template is launched into a so called 'heat stack'.

What are these examples for?

These heat examples are meant to assist you while getting started with cloud computing.

Are these templates suitable for production?

This library demonstrates certain aspects of deployment with heat but does not contain complete code that is suitable for production.

Getting Started

To work through these examples you need to install OpenStack command line clients as described here:


You can build your own environment using the gettingStarted template. This template is prepared to be used as a copy & paste file that you can use within the openstack dashboard. The only needed parameter is either "key_name" where you insert the name of your public SSH key or "ssh-keys" where you insert your SSH key directly.

Support / Liability

Even if SysEleven maintains this library we do not provide support for its content.


We welcome contributions and fixes for our IaC Examples library. Just commit your code, run lint tests (see below) and open a pull request.


  • Install required packages npm install
  • Run npm run lint to ensure that there are no syntax errors and that a and .yaml file(s) is/are present, before creating a pull request.