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Apollo Universal Starter Kit Wiki - Home Page

Welcome to Apollo Universal Starter Kit Wiki section! In our Wiki, you can find links to all the documents concerning the starter kit features, available modules, usage, and many more. Consult the sidebar on the right and follow to the section you're interested in.

Important links:

Apollo Universal Starter Kit is a very an SEO-friendly, fully-configured, modular starter project that you can use to develop your JavaScript applications for all the major platforms – mobile, client (web browsers), and server.

Apollo Universal Starter Kit uses the latest, mature technologies that the JavaScript ecosystem provides us to cover all the requirements of the modern web or mobile applications. You'll be using Apollo, GraphQL, React, Redux, React Native, Expo, Knex.js, Node.js, Express, and any favorite RDBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

To ensure type safety, you can build your modules using TypeScript, and if you need more flexibility than TypeScript can give, you can freely switch back to vanilla JavaScript and use the ES6 or ES7 syntax.

To give you great possibilities to style your web and mobile application, the starter kit is integrated with Twitter Bootstrap, Ant Design, Ant Design Mobile, and NativeBase, and you can switch between different styles by changing just one line of code.

To learn more about Apollo Universal Starter Kit features, consult the Features and Modules section.

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