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CircleCI semantic-release

This is a development repository for Falcon backend (powered by Drupal) and frontend (powered by Next.js). For quick demo or quick start of using Falcon you can use our one-command-install project Falcon Starter Kit.


The usage documentation is available at


Install Docker

You need to install Docker and Docker-compose. See for details.

Make local environment

Open command line terminal, navigate to project root and run make install. If you want to adjust local environment settings then first run make stop and review the .env and .docker/docker-compose.override.yml files. After that run make install.

Then you can stop your work by running make stop and continue by running make up. To remove all the containers you can run make down.

Update local environment

If there were some changes in the upstream that render your local environment settings out of date - you need to update the .env and docker/docker-compose.override.yml files. There are 2 ways to do it - just remove them and run any make command or review them manually and compare with the sources:

  • .env file comes from .env.default
  • .docker/docker-compose.override.yml comes from .docker/docker-compose.override.default.yml.

Access the site

Backend: http://admin.docker.localhost (credentials: admin / admin) Demo frontend (work in progress): http://frontend.docker.localhost

Production-ready installations

🛠 Work in progress!

We are working on a scaffolding tool for production-ready project installations.


This is a monorepo repository that contains:

  • Falcon backend in falcon folder. Drupal-based distribution.
  • Falcon.js in falconjs/packages/falcon folder. A complementary React library for integrating Next.js frontend apps with Falcon backend.
  • Demo frontend in falconjs/templates/default folder. Frontend boilerplate with demo of Falcon features.


New code is automatically released after merge in master.

Latest releases are available here:

Falcon backend: Falcon.js:

Commit messages

In order to make automated releases work, commit messages should follow default semantic-release message format:

We recommend to use a tool like commitizen or a plugin like Git Commit Template for preparing informative commit messages.


Commit message that triggers a major release, i.e. 1.4.3 → 2.0.0

feat(backend): change all API endpoints to use new format.

BREAKING CHANGE: All API endpoints now use new output format.

Note that there is a comment that starts with BREAKING CHANGE: ! The rest of commit message does not matter.

Commit message that triggers a MINOR release, i.e. 1.4.3 → 1.5.0

feat(frontend): add routing support.

Commit message that triggers a PATCH release, i.e. 1.4.3 → 1.4.4

fix(frontend): timeout issue in routing package on 404 pages.

Commit message that does not trigger a release

docs(frontend): add routing package documentation.


If you found a security issue, please immediately contact us at