Data Syndication Services - Protocol and prototype to synchronize distributed versioned databases
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<h1>Introducing DSS</h1>
Data Syndication Services or DSS specifications lets you <i>quickly</i> build amazing solutions with minimal effort and enable seamless collaboration in your applications.
Information on DSS specs and algorithms coming soon! Email <a href=""></a> for more information.
You can,
<li><a href="">Download DSS reference application</a> and play with it.</li>
<li><a href="">Download DSS reference application source code</a> and learn how to use Plateform APIs included in Blank.DLL (Microsoft .Net 1.1) to build your own applications.</li>
<li>Play with <a href="BlankServer/BlankWebService.asmx">sample webservice</a> which lets a web server act as an always ON endpoint and also demonstrates one way to enable two way feeds instead of just publisher-sunscriber model implicated by RSS.</li>
<li>View the sample <a href="BlankServer/feed.ashx">live DSS feed for the reference application</a>. Please note that XML namespaces aren't included yet in this feed.</li>