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README clone based on MetaCPAN API

This is an attempt to recreate the look-and-feel of using the
MetaCPAN API as a back-end.

For objectives, plans, and a description of what the site, and the code behind it should look like see

For a live version of this application visit

Development environment:

* Install the prerequisites via Makefile.PL
* Run bin/ to fetch some meta-meta-data from MetaCPAN::API
* Run plackup -r
* Borwse to http://localhost:5000/


Various places where the clone differs from the real sco that can be considered enhancements.

The permalink in the top-right corner of
  links directly to the permanent url and not to /perldoc?

Canonical URLs
All the version-specific files set the non-version specific file as the canonical URL.
For example


Redirect URLs

Historically many people have been linking to version specific files on
When that version of the module is removed from CPAN, these links become broken.

Instead of showing a 'Not found' error sco. could redirect those URLs to the stable URL.

For example



Author lists

All these pages used to server the same content:

And then pages with different query_string had different content.

Instead of that now all of them redirect to