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The source files of the Perl 6 Maven articles
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These are the source files of the Perl 6 Maven site

The code behind the website can be found in


Each article has a file in the pages/ subdirectory with .txt extension

The header of each file has the following attributes:

=title     The title of the article
=timestamp 2012-07-04T16:52:02        (when the article is published, used for the /archive page, the /atom feed and the / front page)
=author    szabgab                    (a key in the authors.txt file)
=keywords  a,b,c                      (comma separated list)
=status    show                       (draft or show)

Optional fields:

=archive 1                      (boolean should the page be included in the /archive /atom and / front page?)
=comments 1                     (boolean should commenting be enabled on that page?)

=perl5url a-URL-to-perlmaven-site
=perl5title Title to be used

To include an external file add:

Today most of the people who are searching for a solution in perl are actually looking for something Perl 5 releted. These keywords are used to add a link to the page pointing to the related article on the Perl Maven site covering Perl 5.


The source of the tutorial is in the pages/tutorial/ subdirectory. The pages.yml file contains the hierarchy of the pages.

Skeleton header and content

=title =timestamp 2015-01-04T16:52:02 =author szabgab =keywords =status draft =archive 1 =perl5url =perl5title

=abstract start

=abstract end

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