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W3 Total Cache (Fixed) Build Status

This project is a community driven build of W3 Total Cache (W3TC) originally developed by @ftownes. The aim is to continuously incorporate fixes, improvements, and enhancements over the official Wordpress release of W3 Total Cache.


  1. Deactivate and delete your existing W3 Total Cache plugin (if installed) from within WordPress' Plugin page.
  2. Use FTP or some other file manager to navigate to wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Download the latest release and extract its contents into wp-content/plugins/. The extracted directory name should be: w3-total-cache. If not, then rename it.
  4. Activate the W3 Total Cache (Fixed) plugin from within WordPress' Plugin page.
  5. Verify everything is working correctly and that your original configuration settings are still present.
  6. Empty all caches.

Fixes, Improvements, & Enhancement Highlights

For all changes by W3 Total Cache (Fixed) contributors (that were or not merged by W3 Total Cache official release), read the changelog.

Since the last official release of W3 Total Cache, the following new features, bug fixes, and updates have been applied to this repository's:

Type More Information
🪲 Bug Fix Fix for "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'unknown engine'"
🪲 Bug Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: minify in CacheFlush_Locally.php
🪲 Bug Fix PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in Extension_CloudFlare_Plugin.php on line 376
🪲 Bug Fix Nginx: missing semicolon
🪲 Bug Fix Validate needle passed to stristr function