A userfriendly tool to prepare, save and send Jobs to Lasercutters
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a userfriendy, platform-independent tool for preparing, saving and sending jobs to Lasercutters.

For more information please look at the project page at:



Compiling and Hacking



For controlling Lasercutters, VisiCut uses the LibLaserCut. The sources can be found here: https://github.com/t-oster/LibLaserCut

Feel free to create your own, personal Lasercutter Applications

VisiCut Connect - Facebook

A user-friendly enhancement of VisiCut to upload and post a picture of a thing you made to Facebook from within VisiCut.


Click on the Facebook button. The first time, you will be asked to login to Facebook and grant the app some permissions. After logging in, you can take a picture using either the VisiCam or the camera of your computer. You will see a live preview on the left side of the window. On the right side, you can enter a description that will be added to your post. Clicking the "Publish" button will post the picture and the description to Facebook.

To automatically tag your posts with your local FabLab's Facebook page, go to the VisiCut preferences and select the Facebook tab. Enter your FabLab's Facebook ID which you can find in the URL of the FabLab's Facebook page. For example, if the URL of the page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fablab-Aachen/191850277562397, its ID is 191850277562397.

Video Tutorial

You can find a video tutorial displaying all of the features here.

VisiCut Connect - Thingiverse

A user-friendly enhancement of VisiCut to browse, filter and open your Thingiverse files in VisiCut.

It offers the following features:

  1. Integrated persistent Thingiverse login.
  2. Interface to access "My Things", "liked things" and collections. In addition, you can search for other Thingiverse projects besides your own.
  3. Use Thingiverse tags and file extensions to filter things.
  4. Open files in the VisiCut main view.
  5. Easily take a picture of your thing and submit an "I made one" post to Thingiverse


Login to Thingiverse:

Click on the Thingiverse button and enter your user data. You will also be asked to grant the app some permissions.

Browse your things and collections

Use the three tabs of the Thingiverse window - "My Things", "Liked" and "Collections" - to browse and access the respective things.

Open a file

Selecting a thing in the left pane will display all its associated files that match your current filter settings in the right pane. To open a file, simply double click it or select it and press the "Open File" button.

Search for things

Use the search tab in the Thingiverse window to search for a project on Thingiverse.

Use filters

At the top right of the Thingiverse window, you can select filters to only display things that match certain criteria. You can choose to only display things that include at least one file with a supported file extension or to only display things that have a tag related to laser cutters. Supported file extensions and tags can be customized in the preferences.

Note: The filters are added to each other, i.e. if you select both, only things will be displayed that match both criteria.

Change search filter settings

Open the preferences and click on the Thingiverse tab. There you can enter supported file extensions and tags you want to filter for.

I made one

Select a thing and click the "I made one" button to open the "I made one"-window. You can use either the VisiCam or the camera of your computer to take a photo of the thing you made. On the left, there is a live preview, on the right side is a textfield to enter a description. Clicking the "publish" button will publish an "I made one" post with the current picture and description to Thingiverse.

Video Tutorial

You can find a video tutorial displaying all of the features here.