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Matrix Trivia Bot

Created with the bot-sdk template.

A trivia bot for Matrix, using questions from Open Trivia Database.

Using the bot

The bot is hosted at with more information on the website.

Running / Building

You will need at least NodeJS 14 or higher.

To install dependencies: yarn install.

To build it: yarn build.

To run it: yarn start:dev

To check the lint: yarn lint

To build the Docker image: docker build -t matrix-trivia-bot:latest .

To run the Docker image (after building): docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/config:/bot/config matrix-trivia-bot:latest Note that this will require a config/production.yaml file to exist as the Docker container runs in production mode.


The default configuration is offered as config/default.yaml. Copy/paste this to config/development.yaml and config/production.yaml and edit them accordingly for your environment.


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