Base t3kit Theme, main part of t3kit conception
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theme_t3kit Release Build Status

Base t3kit Theme, main part of t3kit conception.

Theme extension based on TYPO3 Themes. It consists of new content elements, Gridelements configurations, predefined BE layouts, main menu, Solr search templates, bunch of TS configurations, Theme constants (main colors, typography, show/hide elements) and independent FE part called felayout_t3kit (JS, CSS, images, icons, components). Read more about t3kit structure



Contributing to t3kit

theme_t3kit for t3kit v7 on branch t3kit7

Previous version of theme_t3kit for t3kit v7 you can find on branch t3kit7, or you can use git tags to chose needed version:

git checkout 1.10.1
git checkout 1.10.0