@dmh dmh released this Jun 27, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [BUGFIX] fix js error when ariaLabels object is empty in LogoCarousel CE (abf817f)
  • [BUGFIX] add a possibility to choose an empty value for the column in Adv1ColumnGrid CE (0b13c3e)
  • [FEATURE] add options for each slide to have a transparent background (#425) (c4a9317)
  • [BUGFIX] add possibility to have top/bottom margin of element inside parallax element (#434) (245550b)
  • [BUGFIX] use CSS color variable for social icons in footer (#433) (bcd686f)
  • [BUGFIX] add word wrap behavior for subnavigation items (#422) (fdda947)
  • [BUGFIX] Use class for logo carousel aria labels (#426) (13c03d9)
  • [BUGFIX] jumping animation (clicking the header panel of collapsible) (#427) (cb48742)
  • [BUGFIX] show more-link in newsSimpleList elem. (da0767a)
  • [TASK] use object-fit-images as a component in felayout (1b4d57a)
  • [FEATURE] Use + object-fit in News ext. instead of background-images. Accessibility (4a7bed6)
  • [TASK] make logo carousel linked logos same size as non linked logos. (#409) (788496b)

❗️Breaking Changes:

  • [!!!] [TASK] update favicon settings, add msapplication-TileColor and site.webmanifest (favicongenerator) (e954219)
  • [!!!] [BUGFIX] Fix incorrect class of link in IconTextButton CE, fixes #419 (#420) (dcc9e66)
  • [!!!] [TASK] Update Parallax (Jarallax), fix #423 (#424) (f4bded1)
  • [!!!] [BUGFIX] fix header middle social media icons (#432) (d61162e)

@dmh dmh released this May 24, 2018 · 23 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [BUGFIX] make conditions work within INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT by escape backslashes (#415) (b3e7ee6)
  • [BUGFIX] fix fluid parse error in News detail template (52e08c1)
  • [TASK] update dependencies (gridelements, TYPO3, cookie-bar) (1f5392e)
  • [TASK] use georgringer/news instead of typo3-ter/news package (71dfe30)
  • [BUGFIX] never upscaling smaller background images in bg image and contact cards elem. (#412) (0864a20)
  • [TASK] added default column-value in 'Advanced one column grid' (col-md-12). (#414) (db9b569)
  • [TASK] update npm devDependencies (4ad8020)
  • [TASK] update package-lock file (npm audit) (8594842)
  • [BUGFIX] don't create inline-css for background unless value exists. (#413) (b9a1fcb)
  • [FEATURE] make news detail page navigation display next and prev news item title & date (#390) (c6c3b24)
  • [TASK] typoscript include contitions (#410) (086f56c)
  • [TASK] update config for production mode (moveJsToFooter + inlineStyle) (0376bda)
  • [BUGFIX] News detail view, fix teaser text font size (#408) (0cffeb7)
  • [BUGFIX] news date menu, removed unneeded year from month name (#406) (5930162)
  • [TASK] felogin: Frontend validation (#401) (ae26f12)

@dmh dmh released this Mar 16, 2018 · 41 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [FEATURE] added 'Lead' paragraph styling for CKEditor (#399) (5684980)
  • [BUGFIX] fix main menu sub list not overlaying other menu items. (#395) (8aa1704)
  • [BUGFIX] Reactivate usage of news detail page constant for solr index (#397) (ec5e388)
  • [FEATURE] New Social Media Option in Theme configuration (#398) (342181a)
  • [DOC] update felayout README, update required dependencies (node/npm) (80ce262)
  • [TASK] add package-lock.json (e0affbb)
  • [TASK] update FE dependencies (b51c809)
  • [TASK] update dependencies, sync composer.json with ext_emconf.php (0296923)
  • [BUGFIX] fix missing translate attribute for languageMenu_label (#396) (f8b625d)

@dmh dmh released this Feb 19, 2018 · 53 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [BUGFIX] render title tag in news single view, fixes t3kit/t3kit#168 (#394) (3d9cd51)
  • [BUGFIX] support enlarge on click for CE:s 'Images' and 'Image and text' (#388) (28a1b50)
  • [TASK] Change .inverse less-structure for easier inclusion as mixin. (#385) (565f7fa)
  • [BUGFIX] partly revert - improve news list accessibility (#343) (ed1b624)
  • [BUGFIX] revert - change markup for news list (#373) (a4286d0)
  • [BUGFIX] revert - set image width in news list (#379) (61f117f)
  • [BUGFIX] revert - news extension list view: update no-image-markup (#380) (288c495)
  • [BUGFIX] revert commit - remove css for icon which is never visible (#374) (bd63164)
  • [BUGFIX] revert PR adjust image height settings for news cards template (#382) (b305f6a)
  • [BUGFIX] revert PR Improve news cards accessibility (#351) (2d33074)
  • [BUGFIX] fix the order of included TS files for gridelements (#368) (c96b75b)
  • [BUGFIX] revert news-carousel accessibility improvements (#352) (f1b155e)
  • [BUGFIX] adjust condition for carousel caption to not show up empty .carousel-caption container (#393) (790748b)
  • [BUGFIX] adjust NO path for current breadcrumb link (#389) (468043f)
  • [BUGFIX] remove empty tags in slider caption (#387) (5272b7a)
  • [BUGFIX] adjust image height settings and css for news list templates (#384) (f6c3a7c)
  • [BUGFIX] adjust image height settings for news cards template (#382) (8215842)
  • [BUGFIX] remove unused gridelements frame_class (#383) (0636112)
  • [BUGFIX] News extension list view: update no-image-markup (#380) (1af0474)
  • [TASK] Remove header tags from gridelements (#368) (639608a)
  • [BUGFIX] set image width in news list (#379) (8b403e6)
  • [FEATURE] Adds a skiplink to the TopContentMenuContent template (#372) (48283c4)
  • [BUGFIX] change markup for news list (#373) (b7f7bc7)
  • [BUGFIX] Use percentage for top content carousel width (#376) (c150ca8)
  • [BUGFIX] remove css for icon which is never visible (#374) (5c918ec)
  • [BUGFIX] add missing contact tel in header template (#375) (2a0432d)
  • [BUGFIX] render content raw to avoid extra html tags (#371) (222ffb2)
  • [TASK] Update the version for frontend editing to be ''^1.3'' (704cd25)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix frontend editing always shows is enabled in User settings (#370) (caa9f74)
  • [FEATURE] Allow tab navigation in carousel (#369) (a1658f9)
  • [BUGFIX] Add filetype to aria-label in news detail view (#367) (010ef6a)
  • [TASK] Add text color for focus state for main menu links (#365) (b782f9c)
  • [BUGFIX] remove css for icon which is never visible (#366) (4b81734)
  • [FEATURE] add theme variables for button styles (#362) (1c7ba14)
  • [BUGFIX] removed role attribute (#361) (1697082)
  • [BUGFIX] Hide icon of quote element for screenreaders (#364) (0575a43)
  • [TASK] replace double slash in header JS code to avoid getting error in case when html is minified to one line. (#363) (b2abcf7)
  • [FEATURE] improve news list accessibility (#343) (0ef3f14)
  • [BUGFIX] render screen reader attributes in slider only if more then one image is inserted, change left and right arrow labels (#359) (998fb94)
  • [FEATURE] Allow selection of headline type in accordion (#358) (91976b2)
  • [FEATURE] Bootstrap slider: extend keyboard navigation (#356) (7a3cf26)
  • [TASK] : add h2 heading to provide valid html structure (#342) (8dc7a67)
  • [FEATURE] : add logoCarousel accessibility (#332) (4b36c9b)
  • [FEATURE] add links to access main-nav and content directly (#321) (299ca0b)
  • [FEATURE] Add aria-attributes to social icons (#341) (6257544)
  • [FEATURE] more accessible news-carousel (#352) (4c9b2aa)
  • [BUGFIX] expand link of textpic element (#350) (af0df2b)
  • [BUGFIX] : update focus on quick links when keyboard navigation is used (#349) (8516367)

❗️Breaking Changes:

  • [!!!] [BUGFIX] fix language files (#360) (25c25bd)
  • [!!!] [BUGFIX] Add missing configuration for shariff at news detail page (#348) (c9a518e)

@dmh dmh released this Nov 3, 2017 · 118 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [TASK] add possibility to minify JS, add uglifyJs, fix #306 (d683a53)
  • [FEATURE] Add Logo and language menu in navbar (#330) (93d1f26)
  • [TASK] Add aria-hidden attribute to image-text-link element (#338) (c4138c4)
  • [BUGFIX] Build links for accordion using Typolink (#335) (62b6fa7)
  • [TASK] socialmedia, add new myNewsDesk icon (#333) (a6172ee)
  • [TASK] add aria tags to icon text and link element (#334) (80fbed0)
  • [TASK] add possibility to edit slider controls color (#331) (d4fcfe8)
  • [TASK] Add "nav"-html-tag around subnavigation for wai accessibility (#319) (97e7083)
  • [TASK] contacts, add margin to link and icon (#326) (72dcc32)
  • [TASK] footer, add margin top for subpages (#327) (f745916)
  • [TASK] add data-caption for lightbox in news detail (#316) (62ea836)
  • [TASK] remove fixed image dimensions in lightbox (#314) (2a11e76)
  • [TASK] use bootstrap variables in custom LESS files (#294) (7a89a3d)
  • [TASK] remove condition with regexp and use .if for google analytics ts to improve performance (#322) (f22465d)
  • [FEATURE] Google Tag Manager (#312) (17859dc)
  • [BUGFIX] fixes exception thrown in CountViewHelper caused by Image partial in t3kit if metadata copyright was set (#325) (1612b8b)
  • [FEATURE] : enable keyboard and screen reader accessiblity on bootstrap carousel (#324) (f79ec81)
  • [BUGFIX] : set social icons alignment to right only in footer (#320) (1fc8c04)
  • [TASK] remove outline styles set to none to have visible focus on elements (#318) (603371c)
  • [TASK] don't add classes 'btn btn-default' when link is 'whole area' in CE IconTextButton (#284) (3ee4b3f)
  • [BUGFIX] : remove redundant link in news cards (#308) (db7b492)
  • [TASK] set default class '.table' for table content element (#315) (c9f7653)
  • [TASK] adjust mobile image display in bootstrap carousel (#313) (fa77049)
  • [BUGFIX] : fix footer styles, fix #309 (#310) (05ef44f)
  • [TASK] adjust footer styles to use footer without special classes from BE (#303) (b9fb0a4)
  • [BUGFIX] fix missing dummy media if news item doesn't have any media (#302) (6279b6f)
  • [BUGFIX] : enable lightbox on news media, remove fluid viewhelper from source code (#300) (637f96c)
  • [TASK] adjust news detail template (#283) (5883dc7)
  • [TASK] seperate responsive image typoscript for contact cards CE (#299) (84ab333)
  • [TASK] : add title for LogoCarousel images and link, add uri.image inline notation (#286) (959617b)
  • [BUGFIX] added missing configuration field for realurl speaking url. (#282) (4b6641c)
  • [BUGFIX] change span to div in news as cards and news as SimpleList to make html w3c valid (#288) (19b428a)
  • [TASK] fix accessibility in TabGroup for valid w3c html (#289) (cde4489)
  • [TASK] Update frontend_editing to version ''1.2.2'' (#291) (0c2e680)
  • [FEATURE] enable user-scalable for better accessibility (#295) (15e988f)
  • [BUGFIX] enable multiple lightboxes on one page (#296) (1c006d3)
  • [FEATURE] Contact cards options (#297) (12092f5)
  • [TASK] : enable full TYPO3 headers palette (#287) (5d9c16a)
  • [FEATURE] tel link viewhelper (fcf41fd)
  • [TASK] fix missing whitespace in Tabs for valid w3c html (#290) (dd49800)
  • [DOC] update CHANGELOG (ba0205b)

❗️Breaking Changes:

  • [!!!] [TASK] upgrade extension solr (#311) (53c573b)
  • [!!!] [BUGFIX] Remove header attribute from fluid_styled_content for valid w3c html (#292) (2d8b11c)
  • [!!!] [TASK] Set frontend editing to be activated as default for T3kit (#328) (1513a8d)

@dmh dmh released this Sep 14, 2017 · 168 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [TASK] update default groupid for new pages (#262) (27c7582)
  • [TASK] added new Norwegian special character to realurl utility (#281) (e3eb413)
  • [TASK] remove fixed label "tel:" from Header template (#280) (ac080fe)
  • [DOC] update README, move t3kit 7 info to the bottom (7c931eb)
  • [TASK] update travis config (4ff474c)
  • [TASK] update felayout dependencies (8aebf1c)
  • [FEATURE] add an option to use the Title from the first slide as main header of the page in the CE Slider (#275) (f1db53d)
  • [TASK] update news ext. in ext_emconf.php (9723f51)
  • [BUGFIX] output image alt text from media in ImageTextLink CE:s (#274) (0ac71e2)
  • [TASK] update extension news to 6.1.x (#273) (2ba3252)
  • [FEATURE] display Themes 'Development Mode' setting in system informa… (#272) (670444e)
  • [TASK] synchronize extension dependencies between composer.json and ext_emconf.php (5d3f64d)
  • [TASK] update composer dependencies (310d31f)
  • [FEATURE] Upgrade Bootstrap Slider element. (#269) (ec026d4)
  • [TASK] Update ''frontend_editing'' to version 1.2.0 (#271) (ba5105d)
  • [TASK] set version of themes extension (#270) (6add041)
  • [FEATURE] Add rx_shariff option in news detail template. (#260) (57cb425)
  • [FEATURE] add XING social icon (#268) (d439405)
  • [FEATURE] add new content element Contacts Card (#253) (53e5546)
  • [BUGFIX] Add position absolute for preview image in news simple list. (#257) (f364e3b)
  • [BUGFIX] make long menu entries always fit in the navigation dropdown (#265) (f22fb9d)
  • [TASK] Update frontend_editing to be ''1.1.3'' (c9b54e0)
  • [TASK] update extensions: realurl 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1, go_maps_ext 2.2.0 -> 2.3.0, cs_seo 2.0.1 -> 2.1.2 and realurl-404-multilingual master -> 1.0.9 (#264) (e6ec515)
  • [BUGFIX] change package name for realurl-404-multilingual (#263) (c35575b)
  • [BUGFIX] text and media, fixed image appearance (#258) (8abc64c)
  • [TASK] Update to use version ''1.1.2'' of frontend_editing (d81a4c7)
  • [FEATURE] Add google site verification meta tag. (#256) (dc4d4ec)
  • [BUGFIX] allow "fixedPostVarsSaveFilePath" outside directory "typo3conf" (#259) (9886326)
  • [BUGFIX] add TCA overrides for cs_seo only if extension is loaded. (#254) (d155466)
  • [TASK] Update to use version 1.1.1 from frontend_editing (1526ca5)

❗️Breaking Changes:

  • [!!!] [BUGFIX] use NoBgImage layout for content elements based on gridelements ext. except grids (#278) (8b950c6)

@dmh dmh released this Sep 11, 2017 · 204 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [BUGFIX] set version of themes extension (297d5e5)

@dmh dmh released this Sep 8, 2017 · 204 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [BUGFIX] change package name for realurl-404-multilingual (9f1f7f1)

@dmh dmh released this Jul 4, 2017 · 204 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [BUGFIX] decrease view (1700 to 400) priority in ext:theme template, fix #244 (701bbc8)
  • [BUGFIX] news simple list, fix image scaling (#243) (47a4f42)
  • [FEATURE] Add dropdown at login page for redirecting to backend or frontend (#251) (28a32e0)
  • [BUGFIX] fix 'white screen' in frontend for TYPO3 8.7.2, resolves #249 (#250) (140b350)
  • [BUGFIX] news item, add class to make image responsive #190 (#242) (7988d4e)

@dmh dmh released this Jun 9, 2017 · 211 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • [FEATURE] add option to align navbar menu links to the right (#241) (13e41c1)
  • [FEATURE] add language dropdown label (#238) (e7751e5)
  • [TASK] Slider Container, add option to control arrows position (#240) (b38183a)
  • [TASK] update pxa-newsletter-subscription to v 5.0.2 (504f7f7)
  • [TASK] Update extension ''frontend_editing'' to version 1.0.9 (#235) (b17fde0)
  • [TASK] Slider Container, add option to control pagination position (#222) (7fdaede)
  • [BUGFIX] show only one heroImage in SliderContainer when page is loading (#237) (e4cf7fb)
  • [BUGFIX] imageTextLink, fix mobile view (#221) (e8e9df5)
  • [BUGFIX] slider container, fix flip animation (#233) (940a610)
  • [BUGFIX] imageTextLink, fix mobile view for hover_4 effect (#234) (1e5d0b0)
  • [BUGFIX] move iconFontSelector.css from auto generated css folder (7f03d91)
  • [BUGFIX] Navbar dropdown with two rows + social icons hover color, fix #224, fix #225 (#232) (b0bb730)
  • [BUGFIX] force jquery to be included first; otherwise there could be errors from 3rd party extensions which includes theirs scripst before it (#218) (36567ff)
  • [FIX] fix google map configuration label (#227) (bcaea37)