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A Tableau Server performance monitoring service
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Community Supported

What is TabMon?

TabMon is a performance monitoring agent that periodically samples target hosts for a set of Perfmon and MBean counters and writes out the results to a database in a Tableau-friendly format. This information can then be used to monitor & analyze performance of a Tableau Server installation, in order to detect potential issues or assess scalability & sizing.

TabMon can be run as both a console app and a Windows service.

How do I set up TabMon?

Download TabMon

Setup TabMon

TabMon is deployed via a custom installer, which manages dependencies and also bundles Postgres for ease of setup for new users. To get up and running, follow the instructions in the installation guide.

How do I analyze results from TabMon?

The best way is to explore your results in Tableau! A sample workbook is included that contains some example dashboards & views to get you started.

What do I need to build TabMon from source?

The current development requirements are:

  1. Windows operating system.
  2. Visual Studio 2013 or later.
  3. WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension - Required to build the installer projects.
  1. Configuration Section Designer Visual Studio Extension - Required to modify & regenerate the "TabMonConfig" custom config section class.

See Developer Notes.txt for additional developer-specific notes.

Is TabMon supported?

TabMon is supported by the community. This is intended to be a self service tool and includes a user guide. Any bugs discovered should be filed in the TabMon Git issue tracker.

How can I contribute to TabMon?

Code contributions & improvements by the community are welcomed & encouraged! See the LICENSE file for current open-source licensing & use information.

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