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Tablevert Java library for the format conversion of data tables
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Tablevert is a toolset for the conversion of data tables from one format to another.

Imagine your data is stored safely in a database. Now your product owner demands that filtered and sorted subsets of the records be displayed as a table in his web UI. Beneath that table, a nice little button is expected to offer an XLSX file download of the data.

All Tablevert access to source tables is read-only. In this context, a table does not necessarily mean a database table, but rather any view or formula which results in tabular data, e.g. a SELECT statement.

The following modules are offered:

  • tablevert-core is a Java library containing the actual conversion logic.

  • tablevert-service is a Spring Boot application offering Tablevert functionality as a REST API


tablevert-core is a Java library containing the core Tablevert functionality.

A more detailed description will follow.

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