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A simple service to handle processing of crypto payments.
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CryptAPI-Service Introduction

This service is a thin layer on top of the cryptapi cryptocurrency payment gateway. Internally we utilize our Nodejs Library cryptapi, to get started you may want to have a look there.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, IOTA, ...

What does this service do?

This service allows anyone to easliy start and maintain a fully functional payment gatewayAPI. Create transactions, process payments, using any currency supported by cryptapi. Simply start the service, interact with the api, and process crypto payments.

What problem does this solve?

This service solves the problem of not having a way to transactionally facillitate deposits & withdraws using the cryptapi. This thin layer uses our wrapper and some application logic to create an abstraction. This abstraction allows our service to provide a simple and easy to use api, without having low-level understanding of the underlying cryptapi.

Why would I use this insted of the api directly?

When using the cryptapi directy, by design, you have no way historically obtain transactions other than by using the callbackURL to listen for completed transactions and storing that locally. When having to do this, it makes things complicated to store and trace due to the requirement of always needing to have a listener online. This service solves this by allowing you to replicate horizontally with a basic efemeral instance.

How do I know this code is stable?

We maintain and support this library for you, here at ChipSoft. This allows you to focus on intigrating payment solutions rather than worrying about the implementation details. Using this lib, you can have a working payment processed in minutes, no signup required.

Installation & Use

Below is a simple guide on how to install and utilize the service.

1. Installation

git clone

2. Setup .ENV




3. Startup

yarn service
npm start service


The main drawback of cryptapi is that this service has a requirement to remain online at all times. With its low overhead and simple deployment, this task is easily managed with kubernetes. Additionally, we recommend a management layer be maintained in your application. This service will allow you to recover any missed payments in the event of network failure. See cryptapi For More Details.


In a future update we plan to attempt "auto-recovery" to handle this event for you. Each "transaction" creates a unique callbackURL, doing so, we should be able to recover the complete blockchain history for that address as long as we resume service within a realatively timely manor. For the time being, you will need to do that yourself.

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