A bootstrap cheat sheet built with bootstrap
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I created this "Cheat Sheet" because I wanted to learn bootstrap and I didn't have anything to really build. So I decided to make a cheat sheet for when I do need Bootstrap. It really just started off as just that. Then as I started to create more and more of it. It started to look awesome so I decided to share it. 

I hope someone else gets some use out of this. It isn't complete yet but I'll work on it when I have time or learn something new about Bootstrap. 

List of items not really working:
-Currently the Loading status for buttons doesn't change state. I really don't know why. 
-There are a few things within the sheet that aren't fully fleshed out. I'm just too lazy right now and spent too much time on this already.

There's also some jokes hidden in there... along with some swearing. Because f*ck you. That's why.