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iCalendar support on Mew
Emacs Lisp
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mew-ical enables iCalendar support on Mew, Mail User Agent running on Emacsen.


 - Display a detail in iCalendar at the message buffer.
 - Have a UI to accept/decline an request on the message buffer.
 - Register a iCalendar to your external calendar.
   (need a iTIP support on the server side)
 - Reply a mail to the requester with your ACK/NACK.

Requirements for working

 - Emacsen
 - Mew
 - curl

How to setup
You need to have the following elisp code at least to get this working.

(eval-after-load "mew"
     (require 'mew-ical)
     (setq mew-ical-server-uri "")
     (setq mew-ical-home-uri "")
     (setq mew-ical-user "user"))) ;; if any authentication is required to put ical

If you want to look at iCalendar prior to other messages in
the multipart body, you may want to add:

(setq mew-mime-multipart-alternative-list '("Text/Calendar" "Text/Plain"))

or something like that.
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