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Vagga is a containerization tool without daemons
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Vagga is a fully-userspace container engine inspired by Vagrant and Docker, specialized for development environments.

Note version 0.2 changed format of vagga.yaml see Release Notes and Upgrading for more info.

Major Features Are:

  • Running programs in linux containers (not a full virtualization like Vagrant)
  • Fully userspace containers, no need for elevated privileges like for Docker
  • Runs containerized process as a child of current shell, no attach/detach hell
  • Images are automatically rebuilt and versioned
  • Vagga has tools to manage trees of processes (so you run your redis-python-nginx server with one command)
  • Compatibility with Vagrant-LXC and Docker

More deep feature description in docs

Disclaimer: This is beta quality software. But since it's only used for development environments it's safe to use for most projects. Some incompatible changes in configuration file might be introduced until release of vagga 1.0, but it will never affect your production servers.


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