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Private WireGuard® networks made easy


This repository contains the majority of Tailscale's open source code. Notably, it includes the tailscaled daemon and the tailscale CLI tool. The tailscaled daemon runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, and to varying degrees on FreeBSD and OpenBSD. The Tailscale iOS and Android apps use this repo's code, but this repo doesn't contain the mobile GUI code.

Other Tailscale repos of note:

For background on which parts of Tailscale are open source and why, see


We serve packages for a variety of distros and platforms at

Other clients

The macOS, iOS, and Windows clients use the code in this repository but additionally include small GUI wrappers. The GUI wrappers on non-open source platforms are themselves not open source.


We always require the latest Go release, currently Go 1.22. (While we build releases with our Go fork, its use is not required.)

go install{,d}

If you're packaging Tailscale for distribution, use instead, to burn commit IDs and version info into the binaries:


If your distro has conventions that preclude the use of, please do the equivalent of what it does in your distro's way, so that bug reports contain useful version information.


Please file any issues about this code or the hosted service on the issue tracker.


PRs welcome! But please file bugs. Commit messages should reference bugs.

We require Developer Certificate of Origin Signed-off-by lines in commits.

See git log for our commit message style. It's basically the same as Go's style.

About Us

Tailscale is primarily developed by the people at For other contributors, see:


WireGuard is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.