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Package corrplot is for visualizing a correlation matrix
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The R package corrplot is for visualizing correlation matrices and confidence intervals. It also contains some algorithms to do matrix reordering. For examples, see its vignette.

This package is licensed under GPL, and available on CRAN:

Basic example

M <- cor(mtcars)
corrplot(M, order = "hclust", addrect = 2)

Basic example

Download and Install

To download the development version of the package, type the following at the R command line:

devtools::install_github("taiyun/corrplot", build_vignettes = TRUE)

To download the release version of the package on CRAN, type the following at the R command line:


How to contribute

  • Fork, clone, edit, commit, push, create pull request
  • Use RStudio
  • Unit-testing: press CTRL+SHIFT+T in RStudio
    • we know that is hard to write tests especially for a visual package like this

Reporting bugs and other issues

If you encounter a clear bug, please file a minimal reproducible example on github.

How to perform static code analysis and style checks

We use lintr which also performs the analysis on Travis-CI. Configuration for lintr is in .lintr file. Lints are treated as warnings, but we strive to be lint-free.

In RStudio, you can run lintr from the console as follows:

> lintr::lint_package()

Who do I talk to?


This package is free and open source software, licensed under GPL.

Other links

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