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recfsusb2n for US-3POUT on Linux
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# recfsusb2n   for Linux OSes
2017-01-22, Ver. 0.1.13

## What is this?

* record TS data from uSUNpTV (ISDB-T/S TV Tuner), FSUSB2N (ISDB-T TV Tuner, NOT IMPLEMENTED)
* monitor signal status, channel status

## System Requirements

Linux-based OS
usbdevfs (usbfs) with USB 2.0

## Files

	* source code files (gcc C99)

		* instructions, usage, FAQ

## User Agreement

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, no warranty

You can ...
* use this package for any purposes.
* redistribute a copy of this package without modifying.
* modify this package.
* redistribute the modified package. You should write the modification clearly.

based on GPLv3

## How to compile and build?

I recommend the GCC C compiler. Please install "gcc".

  $ cd src
run GNU "make" command.
  $ make

* "make B25=1"  if you use the STD-B25 interface library

You will get a executable file "recfsusb2n".
Check to see if it is working properly.

Last, install to "/usr/local/bin/" directory.
  $ make install

## End

(c) 2016 trinity19683
signed by "trinity19683.gpg-pub" 2015-12-13
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