Sending sensor data from Mbed OS to Treasure Data
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Sending Sensor Data from Mbed OS to Treasure Data

This example is a modified version of BlackstoneEngineering/mbed-os-example-treasuredata-rest.

Running on mbed-simulator

Install the simulator with mbed-cli and emsdk:

# ...
cd /path/to/emsdk
# Follow installation instructions...
source ./
cd /path/to/mbed-simulator
npm install

Set target database name and your API key at the top of main.cpp:

const char *td_database = "TARGET_DATABASE_NAME";
const char *td_table = "sensor_data";
const char *td_apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY";

Place this example under mbed-simulator/demos/, and build all demos:

mv /path/to/mbed-os-example-treasure-data demos/treasure-data

Update mbed-simulator/viewer/simulator.html so you can launch the Treasure Data demo on your web browser:

diff --git a/viewer/simulator.html b/viewer/simulator.html
index d52055a..1b46d30 100644
--- a/viewer/simulator.html
+++ b/viewer/simulator.html
@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
           <option name="ntp">Time over UDP</option>
           <option name="lorawan">LoRaWAN</option>
           <option name="lorawan-abp">LoRaWAN (ABP)</option>
+          <option name="treasure-data">Treasure Data</option>
         <button id="load-demo">Load demo</button>

Launch a web server:

cd /path/to/mbed-simulator
node server.js

Launch the demo at: http://localhost:7829/#treasure-data

See the database on the Treasure Data console: