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Cloud9 Live CoffeeScript Extension

This live CoffeeScript extension for Cloud9 provides a window view of the live formatted JavaScript output of a CoffeeScript file as you type.

The window provided has the option to view the output with bare compiling (i.e not closure) on or off via a checkbox.


This extension works with c9.io and with self-hosted copies of Cloud9 (either via cloning https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9 or npm install cloud9). To install it, open the Tools -> Extension Manager window in Cloud9, and enter the extension path:




for a self-hosted copy.

Click add. You can now view the window via the Edit menu.


  • Approx Line Match: During compile, the live view will match the line number of the file you are working on. This is an approximate match of the code output location. When the livecoffee window is open, matching blocks of CoffeeScript and JavaScript are also automatically highlighted as you click in the source code. The approximate line matching is provided thanks to the CoffeeScriptLineMatcher project

  • Compile Bare: Compile the output without the surrounding closure

  • Compile Nodes: Enable the nodes tab and output the node structure of the code

  • Compile Tokens: Enable the tokens tab and output the tokens from the lexer

Shortcut Keys & Command

This extension comes with the livecoffee command that you can type into the command area to launch the window.

You can also add shortcut keys to your ext/keybindings_default files. Edit default_win.js or default_mac.js depending on your platform. To enable it add the following:

return keys.onLoad({
    "ext" : {
        "livecoffee": {
            "livecoffee": "Ctrl-Shift-K"   

For the Mac, use Command-Option-K, or choose your own key shortcuts.

Author: Tane Piper (@tanepiper)

Thanks to Matt Pardee for helping solve the key and command issues.


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