A Bit.ly library for node.js
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node-bitly - Bitly API for nodejs

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This module provides calls to the Bitly API for Nodejs. For more information on the API request and responses visit the Bitly API docs

**** Important update from Version 4 onwards ****

From version 4.0 of this library, the callback in methods have been removed and the library only provides promises for each method response. The library has also been re-written in ES2015/ES6. The transpiled version is only distributed via NPM, or can be created the command npm run compile if you fork the source. Finally support is no longer provided for node < 0.12.


To install via NPM type the following: npm install bitly

You can also install via git by cloning: git clone https://github.com/tanepiper/node-bitly.git /path/to/bitly


This library uses the API provided by bitly and requires an OAuth token to use. To get your access token, visit https://bitly.com/a/oauth_apps (under Generic Access Token)

See http://dev.bitly.com/ for format of returned objects from the API


// For ES2015/ES6

import Bitly from 'bitly';

let bitly = new Bitly('<YOUR ACCESS TOKEN>');

bitly.shorten('http://nodejs.org', (response) => {
}, (error) => {

// For ES5

var Bitly = require('bitly');
var bitly = new Bitly('<YOUR ACCESS TOKEN>');

  .then(function(response) {
    var short_url = response.data.url
    // Do something with data
  }, function(error) {
    throw error;


To run tests type npm test. For coverage type npm run coverage

Bit.ly Features

This module is limited to the following API methods:

  • shorten
  • expand
  • clicks / clicks_by_minute / clicks_by_day
  • referrers
  • countries
  • bitly_pro_domain
  • lookup
  • info
  • history
  • link_edit