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New Moon Syntax Theme

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The optimized dark theme for web development.

Intuitive Syntax Highlighting

New Moon is the optimized dark theme for web development. It has been meticulously designed to be easy on the eyes and intuitive. It's pleasant for long coding hours in any language, and particularly well suited for HTML, CSS, SCSS/LESS, PHP (WordPress), and JavaScript (React, Vue).

  • HTML & CSS work together
  • Optimized for JSX and React
  • Clear distinctions between code and markup


New Moon is available for:

What Are People Saying?

“Absolutely beautiful theme. Definitely deserves more recognition.” — Arcadia

“Undoubtedly the best color theme ever. Just install and see yourself. The background color is perfect for long time exposure to the eyes. And the code color is well lit and separated from each other.” — Ibnul Alam

“Great theme for long coding hours.” — Volkan

“Really surprised this theme isn't more popular. It's a joy to use for HTML/CSS/JS and PHP. I like that it isn't heavy on blue colors like a lot of the popular dark themes.” — Brendan

“I've been using New Moon for several weeks now, I love it. The color palette is very easy on the eyes, especially after a few hours of coding.” — Jose

“Wonderful. Well crafted with a clear sense of experience and focus. It actually helps me code more by enjoying the process more. Excellent work Tania.” — Monte


Usage Palette Hex Code
Background Darkest #2d2d2d #2d2d2d
Comment Medium #777c85 #777c85
Foreground Light #b3b9c5 #b3b9c5
Function Lightest #ffffff #ffffff
Variable Red #f2777a #f2777a
Number Orange #FCA369 #fca369
Attribute Yellow #FFD479 #ffd479
Keyword Light Yellow #ffeea6 #ffeea6
String Green #92D192 #92d192
Class/Tag Blue #6AB0F3 #6AB0F3
Constant/Pseudo Aqua #76D4D6 #76d4d6
Support Purple #E1A6F2 #e1a6f2
Operator Beige #ac8d58 #ac8d58


Chrome DevTools

New Moon Screenshot Chrome DevTools


New Moon Screenshot iTerm2

VSC: JavaScript/React

New Moon Screenshot JS


New Moon Screenshot CSS


New Moon Screenshot PHP




This project is open source and available under the MIT License.