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New Moon Theme

Beautiful Syntax Highlighting

New Moon Icon

New Moon is a dark syntax theme available for Visual Studio Code, Brackets, Sublime Text, and Atom!

Optimized for front and back end web development, New Moon is the perfect middle ground of high and low contrast. While pleasant to view in any language, it's particularly well suited for HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, and JavaScript.


Palette Hex Code
Background #2d2d2d #2d2d2d
Foreground #cccccc #cccccc
Comment #8a8a80 #8a8a80
Red #f2777a #f2777a
Orange #FCA369 #fca369
Yellow #FFD479 #ffd479
Light Yellow #ffeea6 #ffeea6
Green #99cc99 #99cc99
Blue #78AAD6 #78aad6
Aqua #76D4D6 #76d4d6
Purple #D6ACD6 #d6acd6


New Moon Screenshot


New Moon can be installed through the package/extension/plugin manager by searching for "new-moon".


Originally inspired by Twilight and Tomorrow Night Eighties, New Moon is coded, optimized, and maintained by Tania Rascia.


The code is open source and available under the MIT License.