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Simple script to lay parts out flat in Fusion 360
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Simple script to lay parts out flat in Fusion 360. This is not an "official" app, rather something I have been working on as a hobby. It is specifically useful for use with a CNC Router.
I use it to take all of the parts in a design and ley them out flat.

Nester Cover


First see How to install sample Add-Ins and Scripts

*Note: THe video shows it running as a script. I recently modified it to be a proper add-in. You should put the entire directory in your Addins folder in the Fusion 360 API folder. Once you have put the files there you can click on add-ins in Fusion and select the addins tab. You can now start the addin (and set auto start). Once it is running you will get an button under the addins drop down that can be used to run it.

*I will try to make a new video ASAP

See a youtube video of using the script here:


Samples are licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for full details.

Written by

Written by Patrick Rainsberry
(Autodesk Fusion 360 Business Development)

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