A PHP array of world cities. Based on data from geonames.org
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PHP World Cities Array

Based on data from http://geonames.org

This file is released under the same license as the original datasource from http://geonames.org - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

This file is large. It is recommended to be used as a datasource for bootstrapping your own city database within a more appropriate datastore. You will likely need to increase the PHP memory limit in order to use this file.

Sample array element structure

array (
  'city' => 'Sant Julià de Lòria',
  'region' => '06',
  'country' => 'AD',
  'latitude' => '42.46372',
  'longitude' => '1.49129',

Generate excerpt from array

You can use the function get_excerpt_array() as explained in the get_excerpt_world_cities_array.php file to generate a smaller array based on your preferred countries and a max city per country value..