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A web-based console view to manipulate APIs of an arbitrary website.
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API Console

Provide a web-based console view to manipulate APIs of an arbitrary website.



  1. Install golang
  2. Run the following command
go get -u

Console Server

Be sure that your $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH. To manipulate the APIs of for example, run the console server as the following.

apiconsole --upstream=

Now http://localhost:8000/devel/console/ provides a console view for you.

Console View

Request URL

As long as you properly specified the upstream host, the request URL can simply be an absolute path without an origin part. The console server will proxy the request to the upstream host for you. Be careful if you specify a URL starting from the origin part (scheme + host) and the request host is different from that of the console server. In this case, the response must come with CORS ( Access-Control-Allow-Origin header for example) or your browser blocks the response.

Response View

On Firefox, if you have an extension to prettify JSON document, JSON responses are prettified in the console view. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Google Chrome. If none of browser extension prettifier is available, the console view automatically falls back to prettifying by highlight.js.


  • Copyright (C) INA Lintaro
  • MIT License
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