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rake install task enhanced to allow run reiac, leex and yecc from any…

… location
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commit 3d5480d431678a73520cf83e2bfd4b0d38bc697d 1 parent 534543f
@pirj pirj authored
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7 Rakefile
@@ -108,14 +108,15 @@ task :install do
rm_r reia_dir if File.exist?(reia_dir)
mkdir reia_dir
- %w[LICENSE README ebin src lib].each { |f| cp_r f, reia_dir }
+ %w[LICENSE README bin/reiac bin/erlc bin/leex bin/yecc ebin src lib].each { |f| cp_r f, reia_dir }
mkdir "/usr/local/bin" unless File.exist?("/usr/local/bin")"/usr/local/bin/reia", "w") { |f| f << "erl -noshell +K true -s Loader start $* -s init stop" }"/usr/local/bin/ire", "w") { |f| f << "erl +K true -noshell -noinput -s ire init" }
- File.chmod 0755, "/usr/local/bin/ire", "/usr/local/bin/reia"
+ %w[bin/reiac bin/leex bin/yecc].each { |f| cp_r f, "/usr/local/bin" }
+ File.chmod 0755, "/usr/local/bin/ire", "/usr/local/bin/reia", "/usr/local/bin/reiac", "/usr/local/bin/leex", "/usr/local/bin/yecc"
task :clean do

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