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Several custom Rocket League bots, including ReliefBot, AdversityBot, and Air Bud! To try them out, **PLEASE SCROLL DOWN** for instructions!
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This is a custom Rocket League bot designed to work offline only. For more context, see

This repository contains:

  • ReliefBot
  • AdversityBot
  • Air Bud

Running ReliefBot

Use the precompiled instead

If you want to play a local game with ReliefBot (or AdversityBot or Air Bud), the easiest way is to get the precompiled zip from

Follow this tutorial video for more instructions:

Watch the video

Modifying ReliefBot

Environment Setup

  1. Make sure you've installed Python 3.6.5 or newer. Here's Python 3.7 64 bit. Some older versions like 3.6.0 will not work. During installation:
    • Select "Add Python to PATH"
    • Make sure pip is included in the installation
  2. Make sure you've installed the Java 8 JDK or newer. Here's the Java 10 JDK.
  3. Make sure you've set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Compiling and Running

  1. Look in rlbot.cfg and modify as desired.
  2. Open Rocket League.
  3. On the command line, run run-bot.bat to start ReliefBots' brain. Leave it running! The console output may show a percentage less than 100%, but once a little java window pops up, it's ready to go.
  4. On another command line, run run-framework.bat. This should start up a game.

For more advanced ways to use rlbot.cfg, see

If you have trouble with these instructions, see if you can at least get working. Same general concept, but more thorough instructions (including video tutorial).

ReliefBot Development Environment Setup

  1. Install Intellij IDEA along with the Kotlin and Python plugins
  2. Navigate to this directory on the command line
  3. Run gradlew.bat idea
  4. Open IntelliJ and open this folder as a project

You now have the option of running ReliefBot directly from IntelliJ. Different options:

  • In the gradle tool view, right click on the 'run' task and choose Run or Debug.
  • OR, right click on src/main/java/tarehart/rlbot/ReliefBotMain.kt and choose Run or Debug. If you do this, you will need to update that run configuration to include the JVM args defined in build.gradle, e.g. java.library.path.

There is also a C++ component, but I expect it to be so temporary that it's not worth documenting. If I was wrong, ask me.

Tournament Submissions

If you want to submit ReliefBot to a tournament, you can generate a nice zip file with gradlew.bat distZip. The zip will automatically contain a README which explains to the tournament organizer how to run ReliefBot.

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