An example bot implemented in Java
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An example bot implemented in Java

Video Guide

Usage Instructions:

  1. Make sure you've installed Python 3.6.5 or newer. Here's Python 3.7 64 bit. Some older versions like 3.6.0 will not work. During installation:
    • Select "Add Python to PATH"
    • Make sure pip is included in the installation
  2. Make sure you've installed the Java 8 JDK or newer. Here's the Java 10 JDK.
  3. Make sure you've set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
  4. Download this repository
  5. Open Rocket League
  6. Double click on run-bot.bat and leave it running. It's supposed to stay open and it's OK if it says something like "75%".
  7. Double click on run-framework-gui.bat
  8. Click the 'Run' button
  • Bot behavior is controlled by src/main/java/rlbotexample/
  • Bot appearance is controlled by src/main/python/javaExampleAppearance.cfg

See the wiki for tips to improve your programming experience.