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A dead simple command line note taking app built for you!



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Watch a live demo of it working here


Here's the link to previous version if you are interested!


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  • Dead simple to use: Even your granny would be able to use it. No seriously!
  • Feature rich Add your precious note with it's title , content , tags
  • Secure: Encrypts your database using standard AES-256 in CBC mode. So even if anybody gets hand of your database file. He cannot make any sense of it. A little demo of what I am doing using it

NOTE This feature is available/tested only on linux based systems. Support for other OS's coming soon!

  • Text Highlighting is cross platform - Supports Linux, Windows, MAC for the terminal based highlighting.
  • Searching for notes is hassle free in tnote: It supports full text search for notes based on content, tags
    • The search query if found in the database will be highlighted if found. Looks pleasing to the eyes
  • Ability to add and remove tags for each note.
  • Adds timestamp for each note which has been added.
  • Written in uncomplicated python.

Need I say more?


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Installing dependencies


On linux system, install libsqlcipher-dev

$ sudo apt-get install libsqlcipher-dev

On Mac OS systems, you can install it by

$ brew install sqlcipher

Clone it

$ git clone
$ cd tnote && pip install -r requirements.txt

Add a symbolic link to it

$ chmod +x tnote
$ cd ~/bin/ 
$ ln -s ~/some/path/to/tnote

Replace ~/some/path/to/tnote by the path where you have cloned the repo. For example if you have cloned it to ~/Downloads/tnote folder than your command should look something like

$ ln -s ~/Downloads/tnote/tnote

Run it

Fire it up! 🌋

$ tnote

Supported platforms

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OS Support status
Linux Full support
OS X Full support
Windows ☑️ encrytion of the Database for windows not yet supported


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This app was created in a timespan of 2 hours while learning to use peewee (ORM). So don't be shy to make some PR's here 😄


  • Add unit tests. Like real quick!
  • Make it pip installable
  • Ability to edit the content of a note
  • Add python2 support
  • Add tags support for notes
  • Remove tahs for notes
  • Add option to add title for notes
  • Add option to remove title for notes
  • Add option to search for notes using content
  • Add option to search for notes using tags
  • Add option to search for notes using title
  • Add option to search for notes using timestamp
  • Encrypt the .db file using Sqlcipher
  • Add colorized text to the notes for improved UI
  • Add better UI using urwid


A big shout out to all the contributers, more specifically to these guys


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Why not! Cheers to a crazy weekend 😄


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You can report the bugs at the issue tracker


You can tweet me if you can't get it to work. In fact, you should tweet me anyway.


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Built with and after a lot of pizzas by Tasdik Rahman under MIT License

You can find a copy of the License at


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If you have found my little bits of software being of any use to you, do consider helping me pay my internet bills :)

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📋 A command line note taking app so simple that even your grandparents will love it!








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