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Env variables #16

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See lightsofapollo@e9d9703 for a better view of the code changes without the vendor stuffs


If there is an appealing reason not to use a dictionary for environment variables, then at least add some docs to the README so we know how they should be given.
From what I can see it's

 env: ['MYVARIABLE=\'mystring\'', 'MYVARIABLE2=\'mystring2\'']

But doesn't this become problematic when my string contains things like " or ', I'm not a fan of double escaping... Especially not considering that you might have to escape an extra time in JSON :)


@jonasfj You don't need to argue very hard to get objects to win... I greatly prefer these I just wish we didn't have to wrap docker... I will bug someone to see why they do this.

@lightsofapollo lightsofapollo merged commit 2086fd7 into taskcluster:master
@lightsofapollo lightsofapollo deleted the lightsofapollo:env-variables branch
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