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Demo of using the Bullet Physics Engine in a Windows Phone 8 DirectX 11 app.

Under the WinRT folder is a WP8 app the rendering and physics code is separated into separate WinRT Components, which are consumed by a C# WinRT UI. Under the Windows8 folder is a Windows Store app, with all of the code implemented in one project, using standard C++ types instead of C++/CX extensions.

All rendering and physics exposed with WinRT interfaces.

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Building bullet:

This was tested with Bullet 2.81 revision 2613

The steps to create the bullet libs were . Download bullet source, and unzip to e.g. C:\Bullet . Open and convert the solution from under build\vs2010 . Remove projects except: BulletCollision, BulletDynamics, LinearMath . Add a new Solution Configuration ARM . For each project, change the Platform Toolset to be Windows Phone 8.0 (v110) . Change the Linker Target Machine to be MachineARM (/MACHINE:ARM) . Add the following preprocessor define to all projects: BT_NO_PROFILE BT_USE_DOUBLE_PRECISION . Change the use of the C Runtime to be Multi-threaded DLL/Multi-threaded Debug Dll

Change the MetroBullet project's C++ include path to point to the bullet source, e.g. C:\Bullet\src