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Elasticsearch RPMs

An easy way to install elasticsearch on fedora/rhel based systems.

These rpms were built to have an easy way to install the elasticsearch
binary distribution in a systemic way.

The only reason these packages are not submitted upstream is the
requirements for packaging Java are fairly complicated and require building
everything from source and using any other previously packaged libraries.
There were some glaring omissions from the package tree in order to use this

These packages are not tested by anyone but me. There are many people using them, but use at your
own risk.

Please file an issue if you try and use these and something doesn’t work
as you expect.

This is not a repository you can just install from. I no longer include
the rpms in this repo itself. You will have to use the spec file and sources
to build the rpm yourself.

To build the rpm for your system of choice:

  • Check out this repo
  • Create your rpmbuild directory
  • Sym link all the sources and spec files into your build tree

    cd rpmbuild
    ln -s ${repo}/SPECS/elasticsearch.spec SPECS/elasticsearch.spec
    ln -s ${repo}/SOURCES/* SOURCES/
  • Download all the source files
    spectool -g SPECS/elasticsearch.spec 
  • Build the src rpm
    rpmbuild -bs —nodeps SPECS/elasticsearch.spec 
    • If you are building for an older system such as el5 you will need to use the old method of hashing
      rpmbuild-md5 -bs —nodeps SPECS/elasticsearch.spec 
  • Build the final rpms with mock (Substitute fedora-16 with whatever your target is.)
     mock -r fedora-16-x86_64 —resultdir ./RPMS/ SRPMS/elasticsearch-0.20.2.fc16.src.rpm 
  • Install into your repo!

To install on a fedora or rhel system:

  • install with yum
    yum install elasticsearch 
  • install any plugins you wish
    yum install elasticsearch-plugin-{plugin-name} 
  • Change any configs you need to
  • Start up the node
    /etc/init.d/elasticsearch start
  • If you want it to start after restart
    chkconfig elasticsearch on
  • Watch the log files
    tail -F /var/log/${path.logs}/${}.log
  • Search!


Spec files and other things needed to package up elasticsearch






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