Improved Lua 5.3 syntax and indentation support for Vim
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Thiago Bastos
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Improved Lua 5.3 syntax and indentation support for Vim.

Highlighting: stock Vim (left) vs. this plugin (right): (Color scheme: solarized dark; Font: Anonymous Pro)


vim-lua supports a few options. All are boolean and off by default: set an option to 1 with let g:lua_syntax_someoption = 1 to enable it (setting to 0 for disabling is currently not supported -- just don't set the option at all to keep it disabled).

  • g:lua_syntax_nosymboloperator disables highlighting of the Lua symbol operators (that is, all operators except for the keyword operators and and or).
  • g:lua_syntax_nofold disables code folding. If this option is set, you can selectively reenable some folds with g:lua_syntax_fold_<group> where <group> can be table, comment, function, control or string. You can also have even more fine-grained control by enabling specific syntax regions instead of groups. Look in the source code for the second argument of call s:FoldableRegion for all options, but note that the names are subject to change in later versions.
  • g:lua_syntax_nostdlib disables highlighing of all standard library names like, io, print and even require, error etc. If that is too much you can use g:lua_syntax_noextendedstdlib instead to keep _G, module, require, assert, error, pcall and xpcall highlighted.


Contributions are welcome! Please follow the existing code style and in your pull request explain the reason for the proposed change and how it is valuable.


The indent code was based off this gist.

Various configuration options were contributed by Christian Neumüller (@Oberon00).