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Mirata is a project for:

1.Making the process of setting up source ports based on the Marathon Engine on Linux as a painless as possible.

  • This involves making snaps for binaries.

2.Making a launcher for opening scenarios of and based on Bungie's Marathon Trilogy.

  • The GUI will be GTK based.
  • The GUI should allow downloading of third-party and official trilogy scenarios.

What will this do exactly?

The launcher will download files needed to get a game of Marathon up and running through downloading of binaries and scenarios, installing binaries (if used on Linux) and listing all of the scenarios available to be started by the launcher. Essentially a package manager for Marathon.

Sources for Communication

#mirata on the Marathon Engine Speedrunning Discord
Thread on the Pfhorums
#chocothon on freenode

This project contains a hook to post commit updates the IRC channel.