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Node.js freckle api bindings
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Node.js freckle api bindings

Created by Tim Branyen @tbranyen

These bindings work specifically with the Freckle V1 API. If you are not currently using Freckle for time management, you totally should! It rocks!, it was created by @madrobby who has been excellent with his support.


Easy install (Recommended)

This will install and configure everything you need to use freckle.

$ sudo npm install freckle

API Example Usage

var freckle = require( 'freckle' );

// All freckle commands are sent over HTTPS

// Add your own subdomain and API token information
freckle( "mysubdomain", "askdfljsdjflkj3" );

// List all users
freckle.users.list(function( err, users ) {
  if( err ) {
    throw new Error( err );

  console.log( users );

// Show a specific user 5, function( err, user ) {
  if( err ) {
    throw new Error( err );

  console.log( user );

// Fetch a users api token
freckle.users.token({ auth: [ "", "mypassword" ] }, function( err, token ) {
  if( err ) {
    throw new Error( err );

  console.log( token );

// Adding a new time entry
  'entry': {
    'minutes': "1hr"
  , 'user': ""
  , 'project_id': 54
  , 'description': 'opensource'
  , 'date': new Date )
}, function( err, data ) {
  if( err ) {
    throw new Error( err );

  console.log( err, data );

Search Example Usage

see for search argument specification.

// List all PROGRAMMING entries
var args = {'search': {'tags': 'PROGRAMMING'}};, function( err, entries ) {
  if( err ) {
    throw new Error( err );

  console.log( entries );

Note: When dealing with the entries API, use the search command instead of the list command. All pages of entries will be returned at once so the result set can become quite large if you do not use search with proper filters.

Release information


* Initial potentially complete bindings

Getting involved

If you find this project of interest, please document all issues and fork if you feel you can provide a patch.

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