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Build & Deploy

Ping CRM on Yii 2

A Yii 2 demo application to illustrate how Inertia.js works.

With Inertia you are able to build single-page apps using classic server-side routing and controllers, without building an API.

This application is a port of the original Ping CRM written in Laravel and based on the Yii 2 Basic Project Template.



Clone the repo locally:

git clone pingcrm-yii2
cd pingcrm-yii2

Install PHP dependencies:

composer install

Install NPM dependencies:

npm ci

Build assets:

npm run dev
npm run css-dev

Create an SQLite database. You can also use another database (MySQL, Postgres), simply update your configuration accordingly.

touch database/database.sqlite

Run database migrations:

php yii migrate

Run database seeder:

php yii db/seed

Run the dev server (the output will give the address):

php yii serve

You're ready to go! Visit Ping CRM in your browser, and login with:

Running tests

To run the Ping CRM tests, run:

(to be done)


  • PHP >= 5.6.0
  • Node.js & NPM
  • SQLite

Extending this project

The following steps are required when extending this project with new features.

In the backend

  • add new controller, that extends from inertia controller
  • add one ore more actions
  • return from the actions with a call to the inertia render method

namespace app\controllers;

use tebe\inertia\web\Controller;

class CustomController extends Controller
    public function actionIndex()
        $params = [
            'data' => [],
        return $this->inertia('demo/index', $params);

You can find more information at

In the frontend

  • add a new page under resources/js/Pages for each controller action you added in the backend
  • copy&paste one of the existing page examples
  • implement and/or extend Vue.js stuff as needed
  • use frontend tooling as described here and in package.json

You can find more information at


  • Original work by Jonathan Reinink (@reinink) and contributors
  • Port to Yii 2 by Thomas Breuss (@tbreuss)