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Intl Enumeration API Specification

List supported values of options in pre-existing ECMA 402 API.

Stage 2

Entrance Criteria for Stage 1 (Proposal)

  • Identified “champion” who will advance the addition: Frank Yung-Fong Tang
  • Prose outlining the problem or need and the general shape of a solution: See this document
  • Illustrative examples of usage: See this document
  • High-level API: See this document
  • Discussion of key algorithms, abstractions and semantics
  • Identification of potential “cross-cutting” concerns and implementation challenges/complexity
  • A publicly available repository for the proposal that captures the above requirements:

Entrance Criteria for Stage 2 (Draft)

Entrance Criteria for Stage 3 (Candidate)

  • Above
  • Complete spec text
  • Designated reviewers have signed off on the current spec text
  • All ECMAScript editors have signed off on the current spec text
  • Acceptance Signifies: The solution is complete and no further work is possible without implementation experience, significant usage and external feedback.



One method of Intl, return iteratable based on options

Intl.supportedValuesOf(key, [options])


Use case

Feature Tests for newly added values in options supported in Intl API. For example, web developer may want to use Chinese calendar if avaiable, or ROC calendar as a fallback if avaiable, otherwise Gregorian calendar as final resort. This API allow the code to check which calendar are avaiable and therefor to decide the fallback logic.

Prior Arts

Get the List of TimeZone

Get the List of Currency Codes

Usage example

// Find out the supported calendars
for (const calendar of Intl.supportedValuesOf("calendar")) {
   // 'buddhist', 'chinese',  ... 'islamicc'
// Find out the supported currencies
for (const currency of Intl.supportedValuesOf("currency")) {
   // 'AED', 'AFN', 'ALL', ... 'ZWL'
// Find out the supported numbering systems
for (const numberingSystem of Intl.supportedValuesOf("numberingSystem")) {
  // 'adlm', 'ahom', 'arab', ...  'wara', 'wcho'
// Find out the supported time zones
for (const timeZone of Intl.supportedValuesOf("timeZone")) {
  // 'Africa/Abidjan', 'Africa/Accra', ... 'Pacific/Wallis'
// Find out the supported time zones of region "US"
for (const timeZoneInUS of Intl.supportedValuesOf("timeZone", {region: "US")) {
  // "America/Adak", "America/Anchorage", ... "America/Yakutat", "Pacific/Honolulu"
// Find out the supported units
for (const unit of Intl.supportedValuesOf("unit") {
  // 'acre', 'bit', 'byte', ... 'year'
// Find out the supported units of 'digital' kind
for (const unit of Intl.supportedValuesOf("unit", {kind: "digital"}) {
  // 'bit', 'byte', 'gigabit', ... 'terabit', 'terabyte'

// Find out the supported collation
for (const collation of Intl.supportedValuesOf("collation", {region: "TW")}) {
  // 'stroke', 'pinyin', ... 'zhuyin'


  • Frank Tang (@FrankYFTang)





Implementation Status

============================ Ignore Text Below ============================

The following are from the template, will be deleted later

This repo is setup by following instruction on TC39 template-for-proposals

  Your explainer can point readers to the `index.html` generated from `spec.emu`
  via markdown like

  You can browse the [ecmarkup output](
  or browse the [source](

  where *ACCOUNT* and *PROJECT* are the first two path elements in your project's Github URL.
  For example, for**tc39**/**template-for-proposals**, *ACCOUNT* is "tc39"
  and *PROJECT* is "template-for-proposals".

Maintain your proposal repo

  1. Make your changes to spec.emu (ecmarkup uses HTML syntax, but is not HTML, so I strongly suggest not naming it ".html")
  2. Any commit that makes meaningful changes to the spec, should run npm run build and commit the resulting output.
  3. Whenever you update ecmarkup, run npm run build and commit any changes that come from that dependency.


Return supported values of options, such as timeZone, calendars, numberingSystems, currencies, units




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