RDF Triple API that returns the RDF triple of any sentence
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A simple API for extracting the RDF triple (subject, predicate, object) of any sentence. The parsed sentence is also returned in addition to the triple.

The algorithm implemented is taken from [this paper] (http://ailab.ijs.si/dunja/SiKDD2007/Papers/Rusu_Trippels.pdf) by Delia Rusu.

The sentence is parsed using the [stanford parser] (http://nlp.stanford.edu/software/lex-parser.shtml)

The endpoint for the api is http://www.newventify.com/rdf and has url parameter sentence

A complete request would look like the following: [http://www.newventify.com/rdf?sentence=The man stood next to the refrigerator](http://www.newventify.com/rdf?sentence=The man stood next to the refrigerator) and will return

{ "object": { "POS": "NN", "Tree Attributes": [], "Word Attributes": [ [ "the", "DT" ] ], "word": "refrigerator" }, "parse_tree": "Tree('ROOT', [Tree('S', [Tree('NP', [Tree('DT', ['The']), Tree('NN', ['man'])]), Tree('VP', [Tree('VBD', ['stood']), Tree('ADVP', [Tree('JJ', ['next'])]), Tree('PP', [Tree('TO', ['to']), Tree('NP', [Tree('DT', ['the']), Tree('NN', ['refrigerator'])])])])])])", "predicate": { "POS": "VB", "Tree Attributes": [ "Tree('ADVP', [Tree('JJ', ['next'])])" ], "Word Attributes": [], "word": "stood" }, "rdf": [ "man", "stood", "refrigerator" ], "sentence": "The man stood next to the refrigerator", "subject": { "POS": "NN", "Tree Attributes": [], "Word Attributes": [ [ "The", "DT" ] ], "word": "man" } }